5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a specialized technique in which the web pages adapt to the size of a user’s screen. As the user shifts from their desktop computer to smartphone, the WebPages automatically provide the best viewing experience. In other words, the web design should be flexible to seamlessly readjust themselves across multiple platforms. There are companies that help you in Responsive Website Development in Toronto.

Advantages of Responsive Design  

1.    Re-adjustable
Responsive website designs are flexible, in which content can easily be accessed across different screen resolutions and different devices.

2.    Optimal User Experience
While content is the main element of a website, the user experience also counts for the success of a website. Thus Toronto best responsive website design should enable users to consume the content easily on any platform be it a desktop computer, iPad, iPhone, smartphone or a tablet. This should eliminate the need for scrolling or re sizing to access your web content from a user’s favorite platform.

3.    Save cost on mobile website development
These designs cater to the need of multiple devices. In the past, developers had to code for two types of websites, one for computer browsing and another for mobile browsing. But now, with responsive website design you can cut down the costs of coding for another website.

4.    Updated easily
Content can easily be updated on a website with such design.  In the past, when you had to make changes, you had to do it for individual websites but now that is no more an issue.

5.    It is favored by search engines
Such websites have a single set of hypertext links. So, all your SEO strategies can be incorporated into a single site. Content is the key in SEO, unique and engaging content which is regularly posted gets you better ranking in search results.


Effectiveness of Internet Marketing leading the Businesses to the Top

It is the quality of internet marketing that determines the success of a website. It has been the latest tool which promotes the products and services of a particular business or site. Increase the popularity of the product using tInternet-Marketing-process-arrows-circlehe latest and innovative technology in the internet marketing. The digital marketing helps in making a mark among the rest when there are a lot a other production houses working in the same line of business.  Eden PHost with years of experience has led its way in making the company the best online marketing agency in Toronto. Internet marketing includes various ways such as social media marketing, display advertising, mobile advertising, email marketing and search engine marketing. The firm has an upper hand in dealing with all the effective ways to reach out to the customer group.

It provides a good opportunity to the investors as they can take advantage of the social media for promoting their businesses. Internet marketing company gives good opportunity as well as high quality service to give growth. Online promotion and marketing helps in making a good customer base for the business and web portal. Personalized services by the company have played a major role in creating high customer satisfaction. Owner can add his or her ideas which give the website a customized look. Experts deliver quality work at affordable prices to the customer making it a profitable as well as satisfactory experience to the customer.

Generate Sales With Most Effective Web Tool Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Growing competition makes it tough to make a mark in the market with the usual and conventional strategies. One has to be innovative and crisp in the ideas so that the customers and clients move towards you. EdenSEO-learning_zpse4bd86c6 P Host comes up with smart application strategies and techniques which helps the clients to compete in the market and emerge as winners. Dedicated services of the SEO Company in Toronto, makes a web portal top ranking, with more and more customers using the portal. SEO works on the principle of keyword searches is the excellent internet marketing tactic that is most widely used nowadays.

Search Engine Optimization in Toronto is taking a new turn with the valuable and affordable services of the company. SEO experts at EdenPhost enhance the accessibility of the web portal and business over the internet. Skilled professionals at the firm has successfully driven many sites on the most popular search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google to top of the ranks. EdenPhost has served the web world for years and uses its opulent experience to serve many more. Strategy building, planning and implementing have always been the working module for the firm, which has helped it in achieving success. It uses the links building and social media marketing too, to add on to the popularity of the website.

A Whole New World Of Website Outlook With Responsive Web Site Design

The changing times bring with itself newest of technology and gadgets. Each and every gadget has a different screen it becomes difficult to view the website fully on the each one of themResponsive website Design. The firm EdenPhost brings concept of responsive designing of websites which makes all the websites compatible to the various screens that are present in the market. Responsive website design develops a portal which is easily and fully viewed in screens of any size. It adapts itself to the environment and makes the website user friendly. It has provided a lasting solution to the problem where the entire site was not visible when opened in mobile or tablet.

The approach of the firm towards obtaining responsive website design is based on two concepts
•    Fluid grids- it is the modified version of the liquid layout which was in use conventionally. This allows the elements on the portal to resize when the layout is squeezed for a small screen. The entire website gets adapted to the screen size.
•    Media queries- the most popular media query that is used today is CSS3 which has a better applicability or compatibility with the browsers.

The client side and server side component helps in increasing the functionality by enhancing faster loading for sites. Mobile website design is exclusively built for the mobile phones and tablets and websites can be viewed fully on the mobile phones, tablets and phablets.

Social Media Optimization – EdenPhost

Given the aggressive competition in the business markets today and stupendous reach of social networking tools, the business organizations are ditching the traditional marketing practices and shifting gears to a more efficacious technique – Social Media Marketing (SMM). There has been a constant surge in the use of social networking sites to disseminate the message to a wider audience, so as to swell the customer base. It is a no-brainer to recognize the enormous benefits of social media and its direct impact on the sales. With a user count crossing the flabbergasting one billion mark, a stronger digital presence is an ideal way to reach out the prospective customer, evoking their interests and selling products to them.

EdenPhost is a fast-growing SMO service provider company in Toronto, Canada, famous for developing customized solutions by tapping the great potential of the social media tools. We maintain a team of adept professionals, who outlines the client’s specification and produce praiseworthy results. At EdenPhost, we strive for creating the most imaginative and workable solutions, which can be gainful for the online business in all respects. We are the first choice of clients, seeking the most affordable Social Media Marketing Services. We use all the famous networks, such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to promote a brand and build organic leads.social-media-slide

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a process of harnessing the social accounts and using them as the business channels for carrying the brand information to the potential customers in a personalized and convincing way. The process requires the marketing team to lay the spadework for producing appealing messages and communicating them with the future buyers, so as to build high awareness of the brand and its utility. The message throws light on the usability of the products on all the social networks

Social Media Optimization (SMO) services are aimed at creating rich and shareable content, so that it can pervade across all platforms like a wild fire. If the messages manage to pull maximum attention, a website can gain referral traffic and inbound links, which can ultimately strengthen the site’s visibility.

Importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) services employ the most viral techniques to give a boost to the online traffic. A website can rise to the pinnacle if it can engender a participatory desire among the audience.
  • This modern age technique is highly reasonable, costing far lesser than the expectations.
  • Social Media Optimization is magic, consisting some of the most brilliant tactics to rev up the website’s visibility. This can definitely put a business on the zenith, overthrowing the competitors.
  • Social media consume the maximum hours of a normal routine. Considering such a craze for socializing with the world, these online spaces can offer tremendous exposure to a brand.
  • The use of Social Media Optimization can augment the sales and trigger a flush of profits.

Search Engine Optimization Toronto– EdenPhost

The success of a website depends upon the number of potential customers it attracts and turns them into leads. To make the most of your online venture, it is important to seek for new ways to jack up the traffic volume and bump your sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what you need.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process that strengthens the visibility of a website and ranks it to the top of all relevant searches. It is a methodology employed for better indexing of the web pages, so as to boost the viewership count, power the sales and open maximum avenues for good business. There are a multiple ways in which Search Engine Promotion can make a website traceable to the search engines and shore up its performance in the cyberspace.

Keeping in mind that the customer is God and the paramount object of our company is to satisfy him, EdenPhost is an established SEO Company in Toronto and within a short time, it surpassed in the market and still has been following the same track. In this cut-throat competition, where many in industry is providing the same services, we deliver the state-of-the-art technology to cater to the most unique demands of the clients. As a result, our entrance as an SEO agency in Canada into the business world has brought smiles on the face of the customers and we have not failed in raising ourselves up to their requirements.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Contrary to other online marketing practices, such as PPC advertising, Search Engine Optimization services are low-cost and a practical solution for all those with a shoestring budget.

No business wishes to slip into a coma, a point of stagnant growth, where a marketing push is desperately sought, but all efforts go in vain. To avert such circumstances, it is important to consistently appear in the top ranks for reaching out to maximum audience and increasing the demands of the products. The more a business shows up in the first row, the higher the click-through rate it generates. Consistency is an important concomitant of business success, and that’s what SEO targets at.

It makes sense to employ the most salient SEO practices for accelerating the traffic and minimizing the bounce rate. It is a phenomenal way to jump-start the business growth and propel the sales.

Searchers on the engines develop a bond of trust and reliability with the companies which are displayed at the apex. Though silently, but they exude confidence in all those who performs the best and remain at the top of the cycle.

On Page SEO & Off Page SEO are two major components of our SEO process.SEO

On-Page SEO Process

  • Complete website analysis & study
  • Interaction with client for deep information about the business and offered products/services
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Website on-page and content requirement study
  • Report and analysis on recommended changes in the website
  • Title, meta tags, image alt text, heading text, anchor text and most importantly the body text optimization
  • User navigation optimization, HTML & XML sitemap creation
  • Google webmaster and analytic setup
  • Google event tracking & conversion tracking setup, if required
  • Landing page optimization and strong call to action implementation
  • Fixing Broken Links

Off-Page SEO Process

  • Local listing creation and optimization
  • Article, content creation and marketing on high authority sites
  • Multimedia content creation and optimization like presentations, images slideshows and videos
  • Press release publication, if required
  • Discussions on question/answer websites and relevant forums & blogs
  • Classifieds posting
  • Discussions on social media groups and communities
  • On-way link building through content marketing & social bookmarking
  • Submission of blog URL into relevant blog directories
  • Social media accounts/pages creation and integration with the website
  • Blog installation, customization, posting and optimization, if required

E-commerce Design and Development – EdenPhost

E-commerce, or Electronic Commerce is an e-route to shopping, an experience less of a hassle and more of a fun. It has successfully taken the world away from the conventional style of shopping – roaming the crowded streets, struggling to find desirable items and coping up with the time constraints. Who wants to do that now? E-commerce is a boon to this super-busy world, bringing the best brands in a few keyboard clicks with phenomenal ease.

EdenPhost is a noted E-commerce Website Design company in Toronto with an aim of creating the customer-focused online E-commerce solutions imagesfor the global clientele. We have created hundreds of E-commerce websites for the finest arrangement of products online, making shopping and transacting the most palatable experiences. We are one of the best and affordable E-commerce website developers in Toronto and credited for improving the digital image of many companies. Our solutions are known for driving maximum traffic, affecting sales and increasing the conversion rates. Whatever solutions we design are highly customized to the preferences of the customers and compatible with the business needs.

E-commerce Design and Development is the digital display of products, targeting a specific market with common interests or traits. To put it simply, it refers to the sale and purchase of a big gamut of products through the Internet. The websites are the online marketplaces, or the platforms to support such a magnificent range of products on the cyberspace.

In commercial speak, E-commerce is any business-to-business transaction processed through the computer networks, and not necessarily the buying and selling of the products by the means of the Internet. Some of the top in line business applications of E-commerce are online banking, teleconferencing, electronic tickets, Pretail and Newsgroups.

E-commerce websites must be structured keeping abreast of the needs and interests of the niche markets. Site visitors demand a highly personalized and delightful experience that corresponds to their requirements. These websites are intelligently made using the modern technology, so as to ensure good satisfaction levels and user participation.

Importance of E-Commerce Design and Development

  • E-commerce is the line of business which flooded with amazing opportunities, giving plenty of scope for quick expansion. It acts as a spur to the sales and marketing efforts. Once a business reaches online, it can spread its wings across the globe and create a larger base of prospective customers.
  • Web-based sales tend to result in huge turnovers. A business can flourish to unassailable heights and experience significant improvements in the revenue reserve.
  • The Internet is the future. If a business goes online, it is future-proof and can never run behind the times.
  • E-commerce websites are crowd-pullers. They can win many customers owing to the excellent manageability, attractive layout and easy navigation.
  • These websites can drive profitability by offering a unique user experience and elevating the respective brand higher among the rivals.
  • E-commerce websites are laden with superb features, such as inventory management systems and payment gateways, which boost the cash flow. Many businessmen have felt that trading online is a faster way to receive payments.