Could You Double Your Income With An Ecommerce Store?

Could You Double Your Income With An E-commerce StoreIf you currently own a brick and mortar business, you might be weighing the pros and cons of launching an e-commerce store. In fact, you may be putting it off because it sounds like more work in your already busy schedule. But would you reconsider if you were able to double your current income by adding an e-commerce store? Or even if you were to increase your income by 25%? It really is possible, here’s how.

Expand Beyond Your Current Service Area

By selling your products or services online, you will be able to reach your target audience beyond Ontario—and even outside of Canada if you wish. The choice is entirely up to you where you sell to, but just imagine the impact if you secured even 20 new regular customers on a monthly basis.

Reduce Your Overhead

While you may need to work a few more hours each day to process your orders and interact with your new online client base, the additional labor is far more flexible than when corresponding with live clients. In fact, you may be able to squeeze in much of your online responsibilities during your slow hours of day. This means that your sales can increase, with a minimal investment in additional labor or overhead.

Convenience Increases Sales From Your Local Consumers

While your original goal in working with an ecommerce website designer is to reach a new audience base, the convenience of online orders or pre-ordering through an app is likely to increase the frequency in which your current customers place orders with you. Combine that with local SEO, and you will attract even more customers in your local service area—both online, and those who find you online and head in to your store to shop in person.

Even if your sales do not double, transitioning from a standard website to an ecommerce website design stands to significantly boost your business!



Are You An Accidental Cyber Stalker?

accidental-cyber-stalkerThe ability to instantly Google, friend request, or follow anyone whose first and last name you know, or who you have a mutual friend with on Facebook—makes it easy to connect. But where is the fine line between connecting and curiosity, and cyberstalking? If not cyber stalking, is it unhealthy behavior? Below are a few signs you may have crossed the line.

Have You Ever Caught Yourself Talking To A Stranger About Information You Obtained About Them Online?

Even if you are “friends” online, and their social profile is public, or you obtained their information from their business website — it is a bit presumptuous to discuss what you have learned about someone you don’t know, as though it is common knowledge.

Do You Try to Find Common Interests From Online Information?

So maybe you have a first date with someone you barely know. So what do you do? You friend request them, then scroll through posts and pics for some common topics for discussion. This is normal right? If you plan your entire date or conversation around the information you learn, you lose out on the opportunity to organically connect and find mutual interests.

Do You Feel As If You “Know” Someone You Really Don’t Know?

Have you ever caught yourself speaking about someone you barely know, but feel as though you know them from their social media posts—or their online information? While you might discover that you have some common ground, don’t forget that online information is not actual engagement, and that their photos and posts aren’t always an accurate reflection of their interests. Do you really want to take your date to their favorite restaurant with their ex?

Have You Ever Set Up A Fake Account Or Showed Up At An Event Because You Found Out Online That Someone You Want To Know Better Will Be There?

This is where it really starts to cross the line. While most of us are guilty of occasionally “researching” a bit longer than we should, but when you take your interest from online to live—there may be reason for concern. Or if you have attempted to deceive a person by setting up a fake online persona to engage with them, your deceptiveness is concerning.

The statistics vary, but many experts show that cyberstalking has increased by 30% or more with the invention of the Internet. Research also shows that emotionally recovering from a breakup can be significantly delayed by the temptation to research online. If you have spent more time researching someone online than you have spent with them in person in the recent times, it’s probably time to reign it in a bit.


Increase Your Productivity At Work

increase-your-productivityDo you find that your productivity has recently decreased, or that there simply isn’t enough time in the day? As communication methods continue to evolve, and your Toronto business expands to a global clientele—it has never been more difficult to manage time. The tips below will help you to make the most of your workday, without sacrificing balance in your personal schedule.

Make A List And Tackle Your Largest Project First:

Keep an electronic to-do list that, if needed, can be shared with your colleagues. Start each day out by chipping away at your largest project, or at the project you like the least—that way you get the hard part out of the way. Check your email and voice mail first thing each day to see if you need to add, remove, or update your list in any way.

Delegate Or Outsource Tasks That Don’t Require Your Expertise:

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Make a list of your weekly and monthly tasks to identify recurring tasks that can be delegated or outsourced. For example, your intern or assistant can be the one to input the data required for you to analyze your weekly PNL. When it comes to outsourcing, take the items off your plate that someone with a specialized skill set can perform for you—often with a greater ROI. For example, outsource your social media optimization to a Toronto-based SEO company.

Schedule Distraction-Free Blocks Of Time:

Multitasking in our electronically driven world is harder than ever. The constant electronic distractions can make it challenging to focus on the task at hand. While it might seem as though you are getting more done by responding instantly to all emails, and taking all incoming calls, you are likely to be 25% more productive if you can schedule some distraction-free blocks of time each day. Aim for at least two 1-hour blocks each day, or one 2-hour block of time.

If you are looking to take online, mobile, and social media marketing off your plate—the team at Eden P Host is at your service!

Here’s to your increased productivity!


3 Reasons Your Page Rank Has Tanked

One thing that every website owner has in common, is the desire to achieve a high page rank, on both your individual pages and posts, and your overall rank. As you develop internet marketing strategies to improve your page rank, you may be disappointed to find that your page rank has tanked. Even if you rank was not high to begin with, you never want to see it move in the wrong direct. Below are 3 reasons why you may notice a sudden nose dive.Internet Marketing company

You Have Changed Your Content

You must periodically update or add new static content so that it accurately reflects your products and services, but also to update and diversify your keywords. Sometimes these changes will bump you down a page or two, but in most cases your page rank will recover. However, you must ensure that any and all new content and keywords is quality. A few quick tips:

– Perform updated keyword research, and diversify the keywords on your pages
– Aim to add at least 300 words to most static pages, so that Google is more likely to crawl your pages
– Don’t forget to SEO optimize your images
– Post only original content, no copy and pasting from other sources

Keyword Stuffing

More keywords is not better, so avoid the temptation to “stuff” keywords, instead let them flow naturally. If you have repetitively stuffed your content with keywords, search engines will translate this as you trying to manipulate your results. Search engine algorithms know what to look for, and will instead penalize you for your keyword stuffing.

Your Not Responsive

Mobilegeddon aside, your website visitors expect your website to be mobile responsive. It is a plain and simple fact: if a client visits your website on a smartphone or notebook, and your website does not automatically adjust—they will go elsewhere. The more “bounces” you have, the more your page rank will fall—even your desktop results. We know that managing your website content and online marketing can be overwhelming, which is why we offer affordable website packages for Canadian business owners.


Should You Build Your Own Website?

Many of Canada’s brightest small business owners have a natural tendency to tackle new projects. However, even the most talented of entrepreneurs must know when to leave a project in the hands of a skilled professional.


You Can Build Your Own, But You Will Be Limited

Yes, WordPress, Square, and many other DIY “drop and drag” website builders are there for you to use. While they all enable you to build your own website, the site will be limited. Drag and drop features aside, every website needs some custom code to ensure that it has all the features and functions you require. Coding is a highly technical skill, and is a constantly evolving skill—which is why you need a pro.

You Are Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Without a doubt, there is a sense of accomplishment when you teach yourself how to do something new. However, as a business owner, the best place to invest your time—is in building your business, and tending to your clients. Learning how to build a website is likely to take several weeks—or more. This goes beyond determining a layout, but to curating the web content, designing a logo, adding photos and videos, and selecting your web pages. A professional can give you a much better turnaround time, and deliver the exact website you desire.

You Need More Than Just A Website

It’s not enough to just “have” a website, but your website layout must be user-friendly, the design modern, and the SEO built-in. Since web design trends and search engine algorithms change constantly, you need a professional website designer to ensure that your website is optimized, responsive, and modern.

Websites Need To Be Secure

Another benefit of working with a website designer, is that they will listen to your specific needs—and build your website accordingly. All websites required secure hosting, e commerce websites require additional security, and every website needs to be backed-up. Your designer will talk you through your options, and ensure all bases are covered.

There Are A Few Things You Can Learn

If you are in need of an e-commerce website, you will certainly have to learn a few things about your website’s back of house. You will need to learn how to process orders, and many website owners also learn how to post some of their own blog posts.

So yes, you can build your own website—but that certainly does not mean that you should. I mean, you could give yourself a root cannel, but should you? The pros of hiring a professional website designer outweigh the cons by a landslide.


Will Apps And Internet Replace TV?

Between Netflix, HBONow, AmazonPrime, and Hulu it is possible to watch just about any movie or show you love on your preferred electronic device—even when on-the-go. Combine that with the award-winning streamed shows found on these online-only movie and sitcom apps, and more people are ditching their satellites and cable.


Convenience Is Key

One of the reasons that streaming apps are so popular, is because they are convenient. Not only can you watch the shows you want on your device of choice, but you can watch them at any time of day or night. You also have access to a mix of both current and timeless classics. Avid fans of sitcom series enjoy watching their favorite shows without commercials, or backtracking and watching the series from the beginning.

The Price Is Right

Prices vary by carrier, and by your local service area—but cable has become quite expensive. The annual price for all of the streaming channels above, is the equivalent to about 4 months of a mid-level cable package. That is essentially like having the remaining 8 months for free. And you can share your streaming with multiple members of your family.

What Does This Shift Mean For You?

As an Internet marketing company serving Toronto, we keep a close eye on all emerging opportunities for marketing your business on the web. One of the many “perks” of streaming, is that streaming is commercial-free. TV commercials are a huge source of revenue for TV stations, so as more viewers ditch cable—it is inevitable that new methods of online/mobile advertising will continue to evolve.

While streaming may remain commercial-free, we expect to see more in-app ads placed on streaming apps—or more partnership ad opportunities. Since online advertising is less expensive than most offline marketing, the emerging methods of marketing and mobile development may fit easily into your marketing budget.


Popular Types Of Online Marketing Defined

Just as with offline marketing, there are a multitude of options internet marketingwhen it comes to how you can market your business online. While there are too many types of online marketing to define in one quick post, there are a few types of marketing you should familiarize yourself with.

Email Marketing

Email marketing goes beyond sending group emails to your customers. Make things easy by adding an an opt-in box to your website so that you can quickly and easily manage your mailing list. If you have an e-commerce store, also add an opt-in email option during the checkout process.

Video Marketing

One of the great things about video marketing, is that there are so many fun ways you can use video to market your product or services. From candid videos, to Vines, instructional videos, product demos, and even mini commercials. You can shoot your video yourself, or invest in animated videos.

Social Media Marketing

You have many options when it comes to social media marketing. From posting daily in an effort to connect and engage, to investing in paid social marketing campaigns. As a social media marketing company serving Toronto, Canada—we can take all aspects of your online marketing off your plate.

Content Marketing

Content marketing takes on many forms. This includes blogging, posting articles on LinkedIn, investing in sponsored posts in online publications, or posting articles on community blogs—all in hopes of creating more links to and from your primary website.

Paid Ads

Just as with offline marketing, you can place paid ads in multiple places on the web. This includes fairly traditional ads, as well as PPC ads, mobile ads, and programmatic ad exchanges.

You don’t have to be an internet marketer to successfully market your business online, but for best results—turn to tenured online marketing company Eden P Host!