Tattoo Becomes a Necessity

Researchers, scientists and group of PhD students have joined their forces together to create something really extraordinary – a tattoo that is temporary, which can easily turn into a touchpad. With this tattoo you can easily control different types of devices such as smartphones or computers and you can also share different kinds of data.


If you check out the website of Massachusetts Institute of Technology you will learn more about this latest piece of technology. The name of this temporary tattoo is DuoSkin. Developers say that you can create the circuit by using any type of graphic software. Then you can stamp the temporary tattoo in gold metal leaf and apply components and materials which will make this tattoo interactive. The material is skin-friendly and cheap, and you will have no problems wearing it daily. There are three kinds of interfaces – output display, sensing touch input and wireless communication.

What makes DuoSkin special and unique is its interesting aesthetics. It draws inspiration from the jewelry-like metallic tattoos and it actually looks like jewelry. You can display information on it, control mobile and electronic devices, as well as store different information. At the same time it acts like a personal piece of fashion. This temporary tattoo has three interesting features – it is able to change different colors depending on the temperature, you can pull out all kinds of data from it, or you can use it as a track pad. It even has very nice LED display that will make your skin glow at night.

Researches and developers have tried numerous times before to use human skin as a touchpad. A few years ago a group of students together with other scientists has developed an interesting piece of technology called Skinput. Skinput was supposed to turn people`s wrists into places for storing information. However, this is one step forward and a better solution. The problem with the previous tries was that they were a bit more expensive and required other devices to complement the technology. You had to use a different device for projecting the interface on your skin. This temporary tattoo can be applied in a same manner as any other regular tattoo. Just press it on the skin, apply dry cloth, peel the tattoo paper off and later remove it if you want. This remains more as some kind of smart patch than like an actual tattoo or other product. This is just a first step towards using modern technology on people`s skin, so some other interesting features and improvements should be expected.

If this is the future of technology then tattoos really will become a necessity. We all want to make our lives easier and rely on technology to do different things for us. A technology like this will enable people to unlock doors, windows, alarms, smartphones and many other things. And all of that can be easily achieved by just pressing the skin tattoo. The future of technology looks very bright with solutions like this temporary tattoo.



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