As with most other endeavors, it is not only about being the best but selling the best. There is a world of difference between the best we know and the best there is; it is therefore of paramount importance to be known before you can be considered. About your app, it is not just in telling the world about it, but more about creating a better User Experience. However, some people have gone ahead of you in the bid to do this and without the right approach on your part, you can easily be frustrated. You therefore need to know the climate to take control of it.

Contesting in an already contained market is very challenging, but your patient dog may just be on its merry way to eating the fattest bone. So, if you are creating an app, here are the reasons you should know your competitors;



Your competitors are people that are offering apps that provide the same function as the one you intend to provide. You should know your competitors so as to know the extent to which they have gone. This knowledge will help you to set a minimum standard for the app you are creating and that automatically places it at the same level with what is already in the market. Lucky you! But there is more…


The thing is that you should also read a lot of reviews about your completion. This will tell you in either subtle and aggressive way, their areas of neglect which you most definitely must bank upon to create your app. So, if you do this, what do you think you’ll be coming up with? An app that provides a superior User Experience! Yet, there are more benefits to understanding your competitors


Most likely, your competitors are not some dumbasses that don’t care about satisfying their clients. For this reason, you should know that they are on their toes to improve their product to better suit their clients. What does this teach you? To go beyond creating a superior app to creating an app that is out of this world. You will need to do more than just completely satisfy your intended users, you should anticipate future problems that may arise from your improvements and further improve upon them. The summary of this is that before your app is in the market, it is two generations ahead of your competitors’. Surely, you get the gist. That is why there is such thing as app update.

The Benjamins

You should know the model that the competition uses to make money. There are many models out there that the competition can use. You should know this as well and integrate such, if it suits you well or a more suitable approach. If it be that the app is to make money in the long run, then you should keep an eye on them. But remember that dough is important and make the best decisions as regards the aspect.



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