Could You Double Your Income With An Ecommerce Store?

Could You Double Your Income With An E-commerce StoreIf you currently own a brick and mortar business, you might be weighing the pros and cons of launching an e-commerce store. In fact, you may be putting it off because it sounds like more work in your already busy schedule. But would you reconsider if you were able to double your current income by adding an e-commerce store? Or even if you were to increase your income by 25%? It really is possible, here’s how.

Expand Beyond Your Current Service Area

By selling your products or services online, you will be able to reach your target audience beyond Ontario—and even outside of Canada if you wish. The choice is entirely up to you where you sell to, but just imagine the impact if you secured even 20 new regular customers on a monthly basis.

Reduce Your Overhead

While you may need to work a few more hours each day to process your orders and interact with your new online client base, the additional labor is far more flexible than when corresponding with live clients. In fact, you may be able to squeeze in much of your online responsibilities during your slow hours of day. This means that your sales can increase, with a minimal investment in additional labor or overhead.

Convenience Increases Sales From Your Local Consumers

While your original goal in working with an ecommerce website designer is to reach a new audience base, the convenience of online orders or pre-ordering through an app is likely to increase the frequency in which your current customers place orders with you. Combine that with local SEO, and you will attract even more customers in your local service area—both online, and those who find you online and head in to your store to shop in person.

Even if your sales do not double, transitioning from a standard website to an ecommerce website design stands to significantly boost your business!



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