3 Reasons Your Page Rank Has Tanked

One thing that every website owner has in common, is the desire to achieve a high page rank, on both your individual pages and posts, and your overall rank. As you develop internet marketing strategies to improve your page rank, you may be disappointed to find that your page rank has tanked. Even if you rank was not high to begin with, you never want to see it move in the wrong direct. Below are 3 reasons why you may notice a sudden nose dive.Internet Marketing company

You Have Changed Your Content

You must periodically update or add new static content so that it accurately reflects your products and services, but also to update and diversify your keywords. Sometimes these changes will bump you down a page or two, but in most cases your page rank will recover. However, you must ensure that any and all new content and keywords is quality. A few quick tips:

– Perform updated keyword research, and diversify the keywords on your pages
– Aim to add at least 300 words to most static pages, so that Google is more likely to crawl your pages
– Don’t forget to SEO optimize your images
– Post only original content, no copy and pasting from other sources

Keyword Stuffing

More keywords is not better, so avoid the temptation to “stuff” keywords, instead let them flow naturally. If you have repetitively stuffed your content with keywords, search engines will translate this as you trying to manipulate your results. Search engine algorithms know what to look for, and will instead penalize you for your keyword stuffing.

Your Not Responsive

Mobilegeddon aside, your website visitors expect your website to be mobile responsive. It is a plain and simple fact: if a client visits your website on a smartphone or notebook, and your website does not automatically adjust—they will go elsewhere. The more “bounces” you have, the more your page rank will fall—even your desktop results. We know that managing your website content and online marketing can be overwhelming, which is why we offer affordable website packages for Canadian business owners.



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