Should You Build Your Own Website?

Many of Canada’s brightest small business owners have a natural tendency to tackle new projects. However, even the most talented of entrepreneurs must know when to leave a project in the hands of a skilled professional.


You Can Build Your Own, But You Will Be Limited

Yes, WordPress, Square, and many other DIY “drop and drag” website builders are there for you to use. While they all enable you to build your own website, the site will be limited. Drag and drop features aside, every website needs some custom code to ensure that it has all the features and functions you require. Coding is a highly technical skill, and is a constantly evolving skill—which is why you need a pro.

You Are Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Without a doubt, there is a sense of accomplishment when you teach yourself how to do something new. However, as a business owner, the best place to invest your time—is in building your business, and tending to your clients. Learning how to build a website is likely to take several weeks—or more. This goes beyond determining a layout, but to curating the web content, designing a logo, adding photos and videos, and selecting your web pages. A professional can give you a much better turnaround time, and deliver the exact website you desire.

You Need More Than Just A Website

It’s not enough to just “have” a website, but your website layout must be user-friendly, the design modern, and the SEO built-in. Since web design trends and search engine algorithms change constantly, you need a professional website designer to ensure that your website is optimized, responsive, and modern.

Websites Need To Be Secure

Another benefit of working with a website designer, is that they will listen to your specific needs—and build your website accordingly. All websites required secure hosting, e commerce websites require additional security, and every website needs to be backed-up. Your designer will talk you through your options, and ensure all bases are covered.

There Are A Few Things You Can Learn

If you are in need of an e-commerce website, you will certainly have to learn a few things about your website’s back of house. You will need to learn how to process orders, and many website owners also learn how to post some of their own blog posts.

So yes, you can build your own website—but that certainly does not mean that you should. I mean, you could give yourself a root cannel, but should you? The pros of hiring a professional website designer outweigh the cons by a landslide.



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