Will Apps And Internet Replace TV?

Between Netflix, HBONow, AmazonPrime, and Hulu it is possible to watch just about any movie or show you love on your preferred electronic device—even when on-the-go. Combine that with the award-winning streamed shows found on these online-only movie and sitcom apps, and more people are ditching their satellites and cable.


Convenience Is Key

One of the reasons that streaming apps are so popular, is because they are convenient. Not only can you watch the shows you want on your device of choice, but you can watch them at any time of day or night. You also have access to a mix of both current and timeless classics. Avid fans of sitcom series enjoy watching their favorite shows without commercials, or backtracking and watching the series from the beginning.

The Price Is Right

Prices vary by carrier, and by your local service area—but cable has become quite expensive. The annual price for all of the streaming channels above, is the equivalent to about 4 months of a mid-level cable package. That is essentially like having the remaining 8 months for free. And you can share your streaming with multiple members of your family.

What Does This Shift Mean For You?

As an Internet marketing company serving Toronto, we keep a close eye on all emerging opportunities for marketing your business on the web. One of the many “perks” of streaming, is that streaming is commercial-free. TV commercials are a huge source of revenue for TV stations, so as more viewers ditch cable—it is inevitable that new methods of online/mobile advertising will continue to evolve.

While streaming may remain commercial-free, we expect to see more in-app ads placed on streaming apps—or more partnership ad opportunities. Since online advertising is less expensive than most offline marketing, the emerging methods of marketing and mobile development may fit easily into your marketing budget.



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