Popular Types Of Online Marketing Defined

Just as with offline marketing, there are a multitude of options internet marketingwhen it comes to how you can market your business online. While there are too many types of online marketing to define in one quick post, there are a few types of marketing you should familiarize yourself with.

Email Marketing

Email marketing goes beyond sending group emails to your customers. Make things easy by adding an an opt-in box to your website so that you can quickly and easily manage your mailing list. If you have an e-commerce store, also add an opt-in email option during the checkout process.

Video Marketing

One of the great things about video marketing, is that there are so many fun ways you can use video to market your product or services. From candid videos, to Vines, instructional videos, product demos, and even mini commercials. You can shoot your video yourself, or invest in animated videos.

Social Media Marketing

You have many options when it comes to social media marketing. From posting daily in an effort to connect and engage, to investing in paid social marketing campaigns. As a social media marketing company serving Toronto, Canada—we can take all aspects of your online marketing off your plate.

Content Marketing

Content marketing takes on many forms. This includes blogging, posting articles on LinkedIn, investing in sponsored posts in online publications, or posting articles on community blogs—all in hopes of creating more links to and from your primary website.

Paid Ads

Just as with offline marketing, you can place paid ads in multiple places on the web. This includes fairly traditional ads, as well as PPC ads, mobile ads, and programmatic ad exchanges.

You don’t have to be an internet marketer to successfully market your business online, but for best results—turn to tenured online marketing company Eden P Host!



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