The Art Of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is simply too important to ignore. As you rethink your marketing mix, you may be wondering just how much you should invest in mobile. While investing in mobile isa must, it is how you rely on mobile that matters most. Our local SEO services include a range of online and mobile advertising options.

Mobile Marketing Is Still Fairly New

Mobile marketing is still fairly new and is drastically different than general online marketing. In ^0305C771F14DAD6D54388B7793D9F9F4A5233B8D2E99B24037^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrorder to be effective, your ads must standout yet blend in. They must be placed in relevant mobile locations, but be unobtrusive. You must test and explore new keywords, but also consider a secondary set of mobile keywords that are more common when using voice search. Last but not least, you must test different metho
ds of mobile marketing to determine which ones are most relevant and deliver the best results for your brand.

Cheaper Is Not Always Better

Generally speaking, mobile advertising is less expensive than marketing geared towards desktops and laptops. While less expensive is better, what is most important are your conversion rates. For example, PPC mobile advertising may be much less expensive than some of your other options—but if it’s not effective then it is not worth your time or money.

In-App Ads

As a mobile application developer, we are familiar with the role that in-app ads play in monetizing apps. While investing in in-app advertising is one thing, monetizing your apps with ads is not likely to be the best way to go. Since most mobile ads send your users elsewhere, it defeats the purpose. However, you can utilize push notifications and two-way messaging to connect and engage with your app users.

If you are searching for a mobile application developer, local SEO services, or an online and mobile marketer in Canada—Eden P Host can provide all of your website and online marketing needs!



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