Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Google?

As a Toronto SEO company, our job is to keep a close eye on all factors that may negatively or positively affect your online and mobile success. This includes taking a look at emerging technology that may at some point in the near future change the way your customers search for your products or services. After all, in order to ride a wave, you must see it coming first!



The average person now performs more mobile searches a day than they do on desktop computers. This is fact. Did you know that 89% of online user’s time spent on media is actually through mobile apps? Even if a desktop computer is used for daily work, when it comes to surfing the web, mobile devices are the computer of choice.


While our current focus is ensuring that our Toronto search engine optimization improves both your online and mobile search results, we have our eye on artificial intelligence. As mobile search continues to increase, the use of voice recognition or voice UI (user interface) tools to search the web has become a daily norm for many. From Siri, to Alexa, Jibo, and Facebook M—UIs are becoming virtual assistants of the near future.

In an effort to take things to the next level, the original Siri developers have created a new UI that they see evolving into more than a virtual assistant or voice recognition tool: an artificial intelligence (AI) used to change the way we search the web. Viv is its name, and it has a bit more work before its full capabilities are ready for the public. If Viv goes in the direction they suspect, AI stands to eliminate the need for traditional search engines—and maybe even some of your mobile apps.


The way we speak differs from the way we search for information when typing. For example, you might type “SEO Canada” into Google—but if using a UI, you may say, “What are the best SEO companies in Toronto, Canada?” What this means is the way we optimize your website and online content has changed.

Only time will tell how UIs and AI will affect SEO, but rest assured that the Eden P Host team is keeping a close eye.


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