Does Your Small Business Need A Mobile App?

There are so many apps out there that, it might be hard for you to imagine that you could deliver an app that provides a solution that your customers are looking for. However, creating an app might just be what your small business needs to gain a competitive edge. Below are a few ideas for how your mobile app can add value.


A Mobile App Designed For Convenience

You can’t have an app designed just for the sake of having an app design, but to offer your customers something they want or need. Your industry or business will determine what convenience factors your customers are searching for, but here are a couple of examples for inspiration.

• Appointment scheduling/reminders
• Preordering food
• Detailed company info: locations, menu, service list, current promotions, etc.

Product Or Service Related App

An app can also be designed to complement your current product or services. A couple of examples include storing notes, an organized shopping list, a goal tracker, or health tracker. However, feel free to get a bit creative by developing secondary products or services available only via your app.

Connect And Engage

More than anything, the goal of your app should be to connect and engage with your customers. Apps create an additional gateway for direct marketing, and can even be used for 2-way communication. Since mobile phone use continues to do nothing but increase, having your app visible on your customer’s screen will help to keep you top of mind. You can even offer special promotions only to your app subscribers.

An Additional Stream Of Income

Your app can serve many purposes, but your primary goal may be to create an additional stream of income. You can essentially sell the same items you have in your retail location or ecommerce website, within your new mobile app. You can even monetize your app by allowing for relevant and well-placed advertisements.

An App Is An Additional Commitment

What all small business owners must understand, is that apps are an ongoing commitment. Your new app will need to be marketed, and depending on the functions it performs—may create new daily responsibilities. For example, processing product orders placed through the app, or responding to 2-way communication. Just as with your website, periodic updates are required.

If you are ready to have a custom  mobile app designed for your small business, reach out to Eden P Host today. We can design an app that supports your brand, and helps you to connect with you customers on a whole new level.

For more information, Please visit at our website


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