Responsive Web Design – what is it and its importance

In today’s world of cut-throat competition and search engines, you cannot rely on creating a website and then expect it to take off on its own. There are a lot of things involved that help in creating a better online presence and eventually increasing the sales; Responsive Web Design (RWD) is one of them. If you are getting your website developed, look for a good responsive website designers toronto or responsive mobile app design toronto.


A good responsive website development toronto will tell you what it is all about. As you may already know, people these days are no longer accessing internet only on PCs and laptops. In fact, a majority of people now use their smartphones to browse internet. A website, which is designed keeping only the laptops and PCs in mind, may not perform well on the smartphones. Smartphones and tablets have a smaller screen and thus they need a different website layout.

You have two choices – you can either create and maintain two different websites for these two platforms or create a site which is flexible and adjusts according to the platform. Of course the latter is more viable and reasonable. Two sites means more maintenance cost. Responsive web design is something which allows the users the equal ease and user experience both on the computer and handheld devices. This means you just need to create one website and it will work just fine across several devices and computers. If you are looking for responsive website designer toronto or best mobile responsive web design toronto then you can search the internet.


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