A Whole New World Of Website Outlook With Responsive Web Site Design

The changing times bring with itself newest of technology and gadgets. Each and every gadget has a different screen it becomes difficult to view the website fully on the each one of themResponsive website Design. The firm EdenPhost brings concept of responsive designing of websites which makes all the websites compatible to the various screens that are present in the market. Responsive website design develops a portal which is easily and fully viewed in screens of any size. It adapts itself to the environment and makes the website user friendly. It has provided a lasting solution to the problem where the entire site was not visible when opened in mobile or tablet.

The approach of the firm towards obtaining responsive website design is based on two concepts
•    Fluid grids- it is the modified version of the liquid layout which was in use conventionally. This allows the elements on the portal to resize when the layout is squeezed for a small screen. The entire website gets adapted to the screen size.
•    Media queries- the most popular media query that is used today is CSS3 which has a better applicability or compatibility with the browsers.

The client side and server side component helps in increasing the functionality by enhancing faster loading for sites. Mobile website design is exclusively built for the mobile phones and tablets and websites can be viewed fully on the mobile phones, tablets and phablets.


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