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Given the aggressive competition in the business markets today and stupendous reach of social networking tools, the business organizations are ditching the traditional marketing practices and shifting gears to a more efficacious technique – Social Media Marketing (SMM). There has been a constant surge in the use of social networking sites to disseminate the message to a wider audience, so as to swell the customer base. It is a no-brainer to recognize the enormous benefits of social media and its direct impact on the sales. With a user count crossing the flabbergasting one billion mark, a stronger digital presence is an ideal way to reach out the prospective customer, evoking their interests and selling products to them.

EdenPhost is a fast-growing SMO service provider company in Toronto, Canada, famous for developing customized solutions by tapping the great potential of the social media tools. We maintain a team of adept professionals, who outlines the client’s specification and produce praiseworthy results. At EdenPhost, we strive for creating the most imaginative and workable solutions, which can be gainful for the online business in all respects. We are the first choice of clients, seeking the most affordable Social Media Marketing Services. We use all the famous networks, such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to promote a brand and build organic

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a process of harnessing the social accounts and using them as the business channels for carrying the brand information to the potential customers in a personalized and convincing way. The process requires the marketing team to lay the spadework for producing appealing messages and communicating them with the future buyers, so as to build high awareness of the brand and its utility. The message throws light on the usability of the products on all the social networks

Social Media Optimization (SMO) services are aimed at creating rich and shareable content, so that it can pervade across all platforms like a wild fire. If the messages manage to pull maximum attention, a website can gain referral traffic and inbound links, which can ultimately strengthen the site’s visibility.

Importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) services employ the most viral techniques to give a boost to the online traffic. A website can rise to the pinnacle if it can engender a participatory desire among the audience.
  • This modern age technique is highly reasonable, costing far lesser than the expectations.
  • Social Media Optimization is magic, consisting some of the most brilliant tactics to rev up the website’s visibility. This can definitely put a business on the zenith, overthrowing the competitors.
  • Social media consume the maximum hours of a normal routine. Considering such a craze for socializing with the world, these online spaces can offer tremendous exposure to a brand.
  • The use of Social Media Optimization can augment the sales and trigger a flush of profits.


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